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The Main Components of the Automatic Mask Machine
The Main Components of the Automatic Mask Machine

With the improvement of production technology, more and more automated production equipment has appeared in the chemical industry, and the production of masks has increased sharply this year, which has promoted the efficiency of mask production equipment. What are the core components of the automatic mask machine?

1. Controller

The controller is mainly to change the wiring of the main circuit or the control circuit in a predetermined sequence, and change the resistance value in the circuit to control the start, speed, brake and reverse master device of the motor; some automation equipment is usually more common There are PLC, industrial computer, etc.

2. Robot

A robot is mainly a machine device that automatically performs work. It can accept people's commands and run pre-arranged programs. In principle, it is mainly based on the principled program of artificial intelligence technology. Usually it is to assist or replace human work. Generally, it is composed of actuators, driving devices, detection devices and control systems, complex machinery and other devices.

3. Servo motor

Servo motor refers to the engine that is mainly responsible for controlling the operation of mechanical components in the servo system of the automatic mask machine, and the auxiliary motor indirect speed change device; the servo motor can react quickly in the automatic control system, and it can be used as an executive component at ordinary times. The electrical signal is converted into the angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft.

4. Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve is mainly used to control fluid automation basic components, it is a kind of actuator, usually used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium. Solenoid valves can also cooperate with different circuits to achieve the desired control. The more commonly used in life are check valves, safety valves, directional control valves, speed control valves, etc.

5. Industrial camera

It is generally installed on the best face mask machine assembly line to replace the human eye to make corresponding measurements and judgments. The digital image capture target is converted into an image signal, and then indirectly transmitted to a dedicated image processing system. Then, the imaging system performs various operations on these signals to control the actions of related equipment on the scene.

6. Instrumentation

Generally, automatic mask machines are equipped with various instruments and meters, such as measuring pressure, liquid level, flow, temperature and other parameter values required by the control process, and relevant instruments and meters are required.

7. Automation software

SCADA automation software is used more now, and the SCADA automation system is what we call a data acquisition and monitoring system. Usually, it is mainly a system for scheduling and automatic control of various production processes; it can be accurately monitored for a long time, and effective data can be obtained in time.

8. Control cabinet

There are many control cabinets, including electrical control cabinets, frequency conversion control cabinets, low voltage control cabinets, high voltage control cabinets, water pump control cabinets, power control cabinets, explosion-proof control cabinets, elevator control cabinets, PLC control cabinets, fire control cabinets, bricks machine control cabinet and so on.