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Mask Body Processing of Automatic Mask Machine
Mask Body Processing of Automatic Mask Machine

1. The main steps of the automatic mask machine to process the mask:

1) After the laminated fabric and the nasal bridge are cut off, the nasal bridge is first cut to a fixed length, and then put into the folded fabric;

2) After the ultrasonic hot pressing station, the two sides and the front and back ends of the fabric after the hemming are embossed;

3) After the mask is intercepted in sections, the fabric is cut to a fixed length to become the main body of the mask;

4) Finally, it enters the material distribution process through the differential separation conveyor belt.

2. The mechanism of automatic mask machine processing masks

1) Drive motor

In the entire process, except for the separation conveyor belt, there is only one drive motor. The power of each moving roller comes from this motor of the fully automatic mask machine, and the intermediate power is transmitted through sprocket chains, gears and other transmission mechanisms.

2) Cutting process of nasal bridge line of automatic mask machine

This process includes the driving of the nasal bridge line, cutting and hemming on one side of the fabric, and the path of the nasal brdige line: entrance of the nasal brdige line - driving roller*2 - cutting roller of the nasal bridge. There are grooves in the middle of the two rollers. I have come to the nasal brdige line, and the small teeth on the driving roller can jam the nasal brdige line and drive the nasal brdige line to go forward; there is a blade on the cutting roller to cut the nasal brdige line. After cutting, the nose bridge line goes from the pipe into the folded fabric.

3) Fully automatic mask machine ultrasonic hot pressing station, mask segmented station

The main body of the mask passes through the embossed roller, pressing the cloth and the nasal brdige line together, while leaving the dotted line on our disposable mask; then it passes through the three rollers to the rollers, and when passing through the middle roller with blade, the main body of the mask is cut off to a fixed length.

The principle of ultrasonic welding is to use the crest position of the longitudinal wave to transfer the amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under pressure, the molecules of the contact part of the two plastic parts or other parts and the plastic part will collide with each other to melt, and the plastic at the contact position will be melted to achieve the purpose of processing.