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How Much Do You Know About Mask Production Line?
How Much Do You Know About Mask Production Line?

The fully automatic disposable surgical mask production line is also called the flat mask production line. It mainly includes the processes of coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge clip feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear wire welding, finished product blanking and other processes.

Features of the flat mask production line:

1. The first-line brand ultrasonic welding equipment is adopted, and the welding quality is high-quality.

2. The whole machine is automatically completed from core material loading, nose bridge line insertion, edge banding, cutting, ear line material welding, and finished product blanking.

3. The whole line uses high-quality materials and high-quality brands, and the equipment is stable and reliable, which is also anti-rust, easy to clean, beautiful and durable.

4. The production efficiency is high, the daily output can reach 100,000 pieces, and the yield rate is 99%.

5. Modular design, safe and easy operation, convenient maintenance, automatic shutdown and alarm.

6. With integrated intelligent operating system, a single person can complete the whole production task.

In the production process, to improve efficiency and maintain stability, we must minimize the use of manual labor. People will be fatigued, negligent and other accidents are possible to occur. Under the operation of fully automatic equipment, personnel only play an auxiliary role. Now the equipment for urgently producing mask is basically fully automatic equipment. There are many kinds of automatic mask machines. According to different masks produced, in the mask production line, they are mainly divided into automatic flat mask machines, automatic inner ear mask machines, automatic cup mask machines, automatic duckbill mask machines, and automatic folding mask machines.

Advantages of automatic mask production line:

1. High stability;

2. Two output lines, with high output;

3. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is more beautiful and firm;

4. The full-automatic outer ear band spot welding machine can produce the mask sheet and the outer ear welding spot welding part at the same time, which can save labor. Once the non-woven fabric material is used up in the production process, the machine can automatically stop.